Hi, I'm

Trent Fridey

Front-end Developer


A two-dimensional representation of a multi-dimensional me!
Summary: I like to make web apps. I use React and Redux to build them. I also like to learn new things (my bachelors was in physics).
Technologies: HTML CSS Sass Javascript ReactJS NodeJS git
Contact Me: LinkedIn
or email: trent.fridey at colorado.edu

2017 Technician | Wavetrix
2018 Software Engineer | NoiseAware
Present Lead Front-end Engineer | NoiseAware
2014 Bachelors in Physics | University of Colorado-Boulder
2018 Masters of Science in Business Analytics | University of Texas at Dallas


Front End
  • Simon Game: The classic memory game, recreated in the browser with Javascript. Can you make it all twenty rounds?
  • Equation Generator: A minimalist presentation of the most ubiquitous equations in higher mathematics formatted using the MathJax API
  • Calculator: A fully-functional calculator written in Javascript, with jQuery.
  • CodePen: More!
Back End
  • Timestamp Microservice: A microservice written with Express.js which converts UNIX times to human-readable date formats and vice versa.
  • Request Header Service: A microservice written with Express.js which returns information about the computer which accesses its endpoint.
Full Stack
  • Modular Growing Pixels: An exploration of Conway's Game of Life. Session cookies allow you to change the rules of the game, which leads to a new experience every time. Built with AngularJS, Express.js, and Node.