A two-dimensional representation of a multi-dimensional me!
Hi. I'm Trent.

I like to make web apps. I use React and Redux to build them. I also like to learn new things (my bachelors was in physics). If you look at some of my projects below and are interested in speaking with me, please contact me.



Random Equation Generator

Front End

A minimalist presentation of the most ubiquitous equations in higher mathematics, formatted using the MathJax API;


Front End

A fully-functional calculator written in Javascript, with jQuery.

Simon Game

Front End

The classic memory game, recreated in the browser with Javascript. Can you make it all twenty rounds?


Front End

See all front end code on CodePen

Timestamp Microservice

Back End

A microservice written with Express.js which converts UNIX times to human-readable date formats and vice versa.

Request Header Service

Back End

A microservice written with Express.js which returns information about the computer which accesses its endpoint.

Modular Growing Pixels

Full Stack

An exploration of Conway's Game of Life. Session cookies allow you to change the rules of the game, which leads to a new experience every time. Built with AngularJS, Express.js, and Node.


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